September 20, 2017

Edward and Jessica’s Intimate Wedding-Los Angeles,CA

What can I say about these two? Well, a lot, but I will keep it short. I love when my clients have the same creative mind and understand me and my art! It truly is a treasure to behold. When I met with Edward and Jessica at my office 3 weeks before their wedding. When they told me some of the ideas they had in mind, I was really excited!

Fun Facts:

Jessica and Edward host a YouTube Channel Howtohdhd

It was almost 110 degrees outside, so after a quick procession, the officiant made the call for us to retreat inside.

Edward handed Jessica a sugar free chocolate during their first look. I was laughing, you can see it in the images below.

Edward is a writer, and always has something to say, but during the first look, he had no words!

Edward and Jessica handed out swords to their wedding party and each other, “Lots of Swording as Edward called it”. The image at the bottom of the gallery shows the bridal party holding them. The type of sword and the words inscribed below:

From left to right:


Jo – Dreadwind swept-hilt rapier – “Tenacia” (Italian for tenacity)
Erica – Royal rapier – “Connection”
Daniel – Warspike Knight’s bastard sword – “Listening”
The Bride – Musketeer-style Stormblade rapier – “Understanding”
The Groom – Mercenary bastard sword – “Truth”
Matt – Twisted-hilt Claymore – “The Written Word”
David – Masonic gilded short sword (“Cooperation”) and Celtic pint tankard (“Competition”)
Jason – Combination mercenary bastard sword (“The Scientific Method”) and Celtic dagger (“Reason”)



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