January 19, 2018

Big Bear,CA Sunrise Elopement

What can I say! Elopements are my new fav to photograph! Nothing better than intimate raw emotions shared between the bride and groom!

Somethings to consider when planning an elopement.

  1. Location: This part is fun, because you can pick any location and it doesn’t have to be a venue! It can be a national park! But when going to a national park, check for any permit requirements.
  2. Details: Even though details are important for a wedding, they are also important for an elopement. Invite suits are a great way to send announcements with a picture from the elopement to friends and family, and they are great for pictures.
  3. Personalize it: Are you or your fiancé musicians? Incorporate music instruments! Do you both rock climb? Wear rock climbing shoes instead of heels. There are so many ways to personalize it so simply than a full wedding.
  4. Contact me to discuss your elopement plans!


Florals: http://instagram.com/primroselosangeles



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