10 dates during Quarantine|CA Wedding Photographer|Janae Marie Photography - Janae Marie Photography


10 dates during Quarantine|CA Wedding Photographer|Janae Marie Photography

We are living in CRAZY times, and finding some sort of normalcy is what we are craving. Just because we can’t “go out” doesn’t mean there are not things to do! So to keep it spicy, don’t get tired of each other, and here are some ideas that will keep that connection and love on point.


  1. Doesn’t have to be a “date night” it can be a date morning! Coffee or tea, whatever you are into, breakfast in bed or not, and some conversations of your plans about the future. Don’t talk about the present situation, because it will bring down the vibes.
  1. Facetime Photoshoot- I know it sounds CRAZY right? It’s a thing! Since I can’t go to your house and I think Front Porch sessions are not cool, capturing you in your home element in an intimate setting, I am so here for it! These are NOT PRINT QUALITY, but they will be so cool to look back on when this shit is over with. It’s 30 minutes of fun, and not worrying about anything going on around us. I am charging $25 for the session, and it’s 30 minutes! I will direct you and we will have some fun! Contact me to book!


  1. Dinner and anything! Change it up! Dinner and Netflix, dinner and a streaming movie, dinner and skip right to the thang! Don’t want to cook? Order take out! Make sure you contact a local spot, because small businesses are hurting and need your business! Whichever you do, make sure to have some convo time without looking at your cell phones!


  1. Club it up quarantine style! If you are really hurting for money, make a drink with what you got, if not, Instacart your fav drinks, or when you do that take out, order your DRANKS! Every Friday and Saturday night, popular DJs are turnin the tables on their instas! Such a great way to feel the vibes like a normal Friday or Saturday night out! Make sure to dress out to get those feels even EXTRA!


  1. Since I have a 6 y/o game nights have been happening a lot. Pick games you both like, or try a new one! Jenga, any card game, Mario Kart etc. Take it up a notch and have the loser do something for the winner! Wink Wink!


  1. Massage Therapy is something I loved to do before the quarantine, so why not keep it going! MY husband loves massages more than me, so he is always down for a “you do me, I do you” LOL. Give it your all and make each other feel relaxed AF.
  1. Are there things around the house you are still pushing aside for later? If your answer is yes, DO IT!! A saying between my husband and I is “Team work, makes the dream work”. A task is so much easier when you do it together. Paint a room, reorganize closets, move furniture around, or do the dishes! Do them together with some music to get the vibes going!


  1. Cooking classes is not the same as dinner night. Maybe you suck at cooking, or you want to try something fancy! Look up Cooking classes on Youtube and do it together. This could end up with a delicious dish, or a disaster that you can laugh at! Hey, at least you tried!


  1. If you have a backyard, get some fresh air and set up chairs, tv, or laptop outside, cover under a cozy blanket or bonfire, and have movie night!
  1. Okay, are you tired of date night now? We all need a little “ me time “ and this is so healthy for a relationship. Don’t get your feelings hurt, cause it ain’t even like that! You can take a bubble bath and read a book, or take a nice walk around the block ( social distancing of course ).

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