Bryan and Shelly’s Engagement Session|At Korakia Pensione Boutique Hotel | Palm Springs, CA

Over a year ago I was introduced to Shelly by a mutual friend because Shelly just so happens to be an amazing dress designer. We kept in touch and she would make dresses for me and then she referred me her amazing twin sister for her wedding last year.

Well of course when Shelly got engaged, I had to do the engagement session. Shelly decided to book her a stay and pay for the time to do their engagement session at Korakia Boutique Hotel in Palm Springs.

One of the lovely ladies showed us around and I was eyeballing which spots I wanted to get some shots. When I saw the pool I thought, that could be fun ( but the temp outside was like 65 ) but then the lady told us the pools were heated to 80. OH HELLO IDEA! I asked Bryan and Shelly if they would be down for a jump in the pool after we were done, and they didn’t hesitate. It was a blast!

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