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Griffith House Wedding | Griffith House Wedding Photographer | Ian + Ana

Ian and Ana’s just so happen to be one of my fav couples! Not only did they take me camping ( right after their engagement session/view the link below), but EVERYTHING about their engagement and wedding day was who they are as a couple!

Most weddings tend to be more about the guest than the couple, and more like a “lets show off” party instead of a culmination of someone’s love. In my opinion it should totally reflect the couple. No matter how fancy, or non fancy you want it to be.

Things that matter:

First song: Piegeon by Tennis- Ian and Ana’s first date was a Tennis concert

Trivia during reception: Hand picked by the couple, well because they love trivia , and of course the Disney related topics that were chosen.

Custom mugs: These adorable gifts they gave to their wedding party, because these are also the ones they use when camping.

Color changing cups: They love them so much! LOL

Burgers for dinner: They spent many dates at Fronks restaurant and couldn’t imagine not having them cater their wedding. BTW, a must visit! The burgers were sooo good!!

Fun and games: Right after dinner the DJ started a sort of adult musical chairs type game that had everyone screaming and laughing so hard! My face was hurting from laughing so hard!


Florist: Peonies and Petals

Dress: Davids Bridal

Bridesmaids- Davids Bridal

Suits- Menswearhouse

Coordinator- Diana- Hutchinson Weddings

DJ- Ultimate Events

HMUA- @Sina_mua


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