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May 12, 2018

Ian and Ana’s Adventure Engagement Session- Joshua Tree, CA

For anyone who knows me, knows I am a girly girl, glamping, hotel snob, type of girl. If you said camping to me, I would have said, no thanks! Somehow I got myself into this next situation, and I am obsessed! Back story, I knew my clients liked to go camping in different locations and thought we should choose a location that represented their sense of adventure. So I suggested Joshua Tree and they had been there several times before, so they know their way around. After we booked the date, they contacted me and asked if I wanted to go camping with them the night of the shoot. They had an extra tent and everything, since I had absolutely nothing for camping. I was beyond nervous because I don’t like bugs, and scary animals! I decided if I wanted to open myself up to amazing adventures and locations, I couldn’t be fearful and shy away from an invite. So I said sure! Ana is amazing and provided me with a list of things to bring, so I was prepared.

After the amazing session we started hunting down our campsite. We were starving at this point, so Ian got the fire started while Ana set up my tent. I was amazed at how prepared they were and they had everything! I literally sat by the fire drinking wine while watching them cook up some Carne Asada tacos!

In the morning we woke up before sunrise so I could get some shots of them. The sunrise was so beautiful!

Once we finished I was ready to jet out of there and find the closest Starbucks because I need my coffee in the morning. Ian and Ana insisted on making me some instant coffee, which I was not too sure about, since I don’t like instant. They made the instant coffee from Trader Joes which includes sugar and creamer. Wow, was it good! I was opening my eyes up every turn!

Now, I was ready for a shower and head home, and Ian and Ana were not finished with me yet. They wanted to take me to a hiking trail not too far from our campsite. Anything for another photo-op and a little morning hike.

I really want to say this about my adventure session with Ian and Ana. I REALLY got to connect with them unlike any other couple because I got to spend so much time with them. It wasn’t just the time though, it was being in their element and what they love to do together.

I am excited for my next adventures, and look forward to doing the Adventure sessions more often!

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