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Table Rock Beach Elopement | Table Rock Beach Photographer | Josh + Amy

When I first spoke with Amy I ask her to tell me more about their relationship, how they met etc. She responded back right away, telling me they initially met at a coffee shop 15 years ago, lost touch, and got back in touch again 5 years ago. She also told me that Table Rock Beach holds a special place in their heart because they would go there so often when dating. I feel in love with their story and I knew I wanted to photograph their love. So I told Amy I could meet her in the middle with my rates, and they accepted.

I met Josh and Amy when I did their engagement session, and I mean, the connection I had with them was so perfect! It was like I had already knew them previously. We laughed so much during their session, and just had so much fun!

I arrived to Table Rock on the day of the elopement, It was a beautiful 75 degrees at the beach. I could tell Josh was nervous, but that is pretty much every groom lol. When Amy walked down the stairs, I literally started to tear up! When Amy and Josh were doing their personal vows, I laughed a bit out loud because they talked about how they can hate and love each other in an instant. THIS, is real love, not the you are my sunshine every day, blah blah stuff. Because lets get real here, we love our spouses and then hate them, and then love them again. I know I do with my husband!


Tailored Suit

Brides Dress

Veil and Bridal Belt



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