Hey! I am so excited you chose to have a look at my work! I am ready to learn more about you and your fiancĂ©, your story, and your wedding plans! I want to be apart of your love journey while providing you the comfort to enjoy the moments.  Let me do my thing, and you won't regret it! Hit me up so we can chat more!

The reasons I have so much passion for photography and capturing moments that maybe forgotten is right here. My husband Josh of 10 years and my son Lincoln. They light up my life like no other.

Edith is my go to gal, and my sidekick! She is with me at almost all of my weddings and I trust her to photograph weddings on my behalf.

From Edith:
I am a hopeless romantic and so my fav thing to photograph is pure love between two people. I love the tears and laughter that comes from the speeches and all the in-between moments that make the day.

Dan is going to get mad at me for using this picture, but I think its hilarious! Just goes to show you how much fun we have at our clients weddings.

From Dan:
I think my love for stories has influenced my approach to videography greatly. I love telling stories through film. While other videographers might focus on the fluff & glamour of the day, I focus on the meaning and adventure of your wedding day & story.

The Team