Redwoods Proposal | Redwoods Photographer | Ranbir and Jyoti - Janae Marie Photography


Redwoods Proposal | Redwoods Photographer | Ranbir and Jyoti

Two weeks before the planned proposal Ranbir contacted me from Canada. Ranbir needed guidance in planning the proposal and of course I was just as excited as he was to plan this out! The spot I found took about 15 or so minutes to get to. So I got there about 20 minutes before them to make sure everything was good to go. Ranbir ┬ánormally doesn’t carry his phone around, so to cover for that he said he was on call for work, but he was texting me through WhatsApp the whole time!

As Ranbir and Jyoti started heading around the trail were I could see them, I decided to hide behind a tree. Neither one of them noticed be following them like a creeper HA HA HA! I was on the ready! I kept watching Ranbir’s hands so I could see him reaching into his pocket to get the ring! As you can see Jyoti was surprised and it turned out perfectly!

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