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Traditional Vs Non Traditional Wedding| Murrieta, CA.

Traditional VS Non Traditional

One thing I find most often that couples struggle with, is deciding whether or not to have a traditional or non traditional Wedding. Most couples want to appease family and friends so much that they forget its not those people’s WEDDING!!

Traditional Wedding-TW

If you don’t know what a TW consist of, then you probably haven’t been to a wedding LOL. So here ya go:

  • Processional (Wedding Party, then Brides/Grooms)
  • Wedding Officiant addresses guest and couple
  • Exchange of Vows/Rings
  • Announcement of Marriage
  • Kiss

Then you have your reception which will include speeches, first dance, cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss, and finally dancing.


Non Traditional Wedding-NTW

There are so many ways to have a NTW, and there are so many that I like! Most have everything mentioned above and mix it up. The REBELS will smash all traditional and do something TOTALLY different. I personally like when couples mix up TW & NTW.

This is just going to be a sample of what I have seen. There is so many ways to have a wedding be YOU, and those elements may not be “traditional”.

  • First Look ( I feel like this is becoming more traditional ) More than half my clients choose to do it.
  • Unique Venues ( Golf Course and Church Weddings are slowly becoming a thing of the past!
  • Unique invites
  • Personal Vows
  • Ditching heels and going for some kicks!
  • Mixed Wedding Party ( Who says you only can have girls in the bridal party and dudes as groomsmen?) Now termed “WEDDING PARTY”
  • No Cake ( Although this makes me sad, because I LOVE wedding cake, there are so many fun desserts to serve and you don’t need to cut anything! Just eat it!


Nick and Sierra opted for the NTW route because a traditional wedding that represented who they are. My favorite part was the PIE!!! #SORRYNOTSORRY


Photographer: Janae Marie Photography

Tables and Chairs: Rustic Events

Dress: a and bé Bridal


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